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About Screenz

We're proud to introduce our new oversized printing services.

Screenz can now print banners, signs, and posters at a price that will make you smile. Our new oversized printer can print vitually anything up to 42 inches wide, and in amazing photo printer quality.

We have a broad array of paper stocks available including banner vinyl for your outdoor signage needs. All available at a price which is much more reasonable than the competition.

If your business is looking for an afordable alternative for the production of window signage or notices, or if you would like a huge banner printed for your next event, then Screenz has the services you need.

Imagine having a three foot tall poster of your child or loved one, a large scale copy of your favorite photograph, or custom created artwork for your home. The possibilities are endless!

In addition, we have hundreds of poster, sign, and banner templates available. Simply come to Screenz, browse through our catalogue for your favorite and our employees will be more than happy to customize your choice for your specific needs.

Or bring your own file and we'll print it for you in any size you want. And, as always, we have dozens of computer stations available and all the software you'll ever need to create your own sign, banner or graphic.

Call one of our stores today for a quote, or stop in to the location nearest you to browse some samples.

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