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Screenz offers state-of-the-art gaming stations to experience the intensity of multi-player network gaming on our blazing fast T-1 line. We feature all the latest gaming titles.

All Day Passes are available at all store locations so you can come early, stay late, and get your frag on. Experience gaming like its meant to be, at Screenz Computing Centers.

Screenz is proud to Sponsor the following gaming teams!


Screenz Gamer Sponsorship:

Screenz Computing Center is looking to sponsor Gaming Teams!!

If you have a team, or looking to join one, email us at with the following information. What kind of game(s) your team/clan plays, age group, the hours you game most, and any additional info.

Sponsorship includes:

- Free or reduced time at our Gaming Centers.

- Free Stuff like T-shirts, periphials, etc...

- Sponsorship to different events.

- A possible website, or page on ours.

Game Hard...



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