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What is Screenz?

Screenz is the nation's most successful chain of neighborhood computing and print centers. Combining the best elements of an Internet Cafe, Kinko's®, and your home office together in one convenient location.

We specialize in making out-of-home office computing and Internet access simple. Our customers have access to state-of-the-art hardware and software to help them accomplish any computer-related project they wish.

Unlike many other “cybercafes” where the Internet access is just a perk to go with your coffee, at Screenz the emphasis on the computer. And while our stores offer an excellent selection of coffee and espresso drinks to make you comfortable while you work, our stores primary focus is providing your computing needs.

Whether you are looking to update a resume, write a report, print digital photos, burn music CD’s or design a brochure, at Screenz, you will find the latest technology and software, a full suite of professional copying, printing, and binding solutions, and a knowledgeable staff to help you get your tasks done quickly and efficiently.

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