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About Screenz

At Screenz, the customer experience starts with the computers but ends in the print and copy shop. Screenz offers the highest quality black-and-white and color copying and printing services, as well as expert binding and finishing to give your document the professional edge.

At Screenz, we have all the tools necessary to turn your dreams into sophisticated documents. Screenz offers a broad assortment of binding covers, labels, paper stock, invitations and photo printing equipment and supplies.

**** NEW! ****


Print Shop Pricing

Laser Printing 8.5x11 8.5x14 11x17

*Black and White

$0.29 $0.35 $0.38


$0.79 $0.85 $0.88
A broad range of paper stock, including glossy, card stock and transparencies are also available.
Photo Printing 4x6 8.5x11
  $1.04 $2.18
Copy Service 8.5x11 8.5x14 11x17
*Black and White $0.08 $0.14 $0.17
*Color $0.74 $0.80 $0.83
*Hand Placed $0.20

*Bulk discounts are offered for Printing or Copying jobs of over 100 copies.  Call the store nearest you for details.

Paper Products
Resume Paper $0.25/sheet
Matching Envelopes $0.25ea.
Business Cards, CD Labels and various Address Labels are also available.
Send your print jobs to Screenz easily from home via
Fax Service
Chicago Area $1.00/pg
Long Distance $1.00/pg
International $3.00/pg
Receiving $1.00/pg
CD-R $1.25
CD-RW $1.95
DVD-R $2.49
1GB Flash Drive $19.99
2GB Flash Drive $29.99
Finishing Services
DVD Burning
iPod Backup

CD Burning

Fast turnaround!

Call or stop in to your local Screenz Computing Center to receive a quote on your next Print or Copy job.  Our goal is your satisfaction at a price you'll be thrilled with.


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